Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sorry it's been a whole since I updated. I dont have much time and I dont have internet at my cabin which is good and bad at the same time. haha

I think I've been telling people that campers start coming the last week of's actually first week of July. sorry about that.

I've been bug free for the past few days and the holes are covered for the bats so I have no more droppings coming down on my books. i havent seen a stinkbug for a few days:) praise the Lord ! Every time i see a bug it's dead. i love it. ill randomly
see a wood roach so i got my trusty Raid to shoot it. haha its great!

God's definitely revealed that business administration is something i love and what im great at, so I think ive finally decided on my major:) which is great! I'm hoping to go to GCC then transfer to PBU...we'll see. I dont like to set plans up because usually things change, so I'm praying about it.

Other than that nothing else is really new. Same everyday, but it's good. I love it a lot.

I finally got a pair of TOMS I love them a lot. most comfortable shoe ever. seriously.

I must give myself credit, im quite the homemaker. haha i make my own meals, do the laundry, rake my yard, vacuum, dust, scrub the floors, clean. i like
my house clean. before i came to camp i did not know how to do laundry, i didnt like yard work (now i find it satisfying), i hated cleaning, etc. and im trying to read books more. thats probably going to be a working progress because i hate reading a lot. ive never enjoyed it. im almost forcing myself to. we'll see how the rest of the summer goes....
I got my dock, i love it there. it's so peaceful :
anyways...i gotta go because my battery is going to die on my laptop.
i do miss you guys at home a lot, but im also loving it here at camp! its stretching me in tons of ways and its exactly what i have needed. <3

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